Online Checkers Game - Hard Level:

Play Free Checkers (draughts) online against a friend (2 players) or vs computer (artificial intelligence) hard level (1 player).

Rules of the Checkers Game: Start playing who has white pieces, moves through the black lockers, from a forward, and diagonally on the right or on the left, an empty jack. Then move the player who has black chips, by white lockers, also forward and diagonally.

Queen: The piece of a player becomes a queen when he reaches the last line, the board of the opponent, from that moment the queen can move diagonally forward and also backward.

Objective of the Checkers game: Capture the opponent's pieces by jumping over them, you can eat several pieces in the same moved diagonally.

Winner of the Checkers game: is the player who ends with more pieces, if both players have the same number of pieces wins, who has more queens, if they also have equal number of queens the game ends up on a tie.

Loser of the Checkers game: It is the player who runs out of pieces, or the pieces of him are blocked to move them for not having vacuum places to move, and it touches the turn of moving.